12 mm lead ropes made from Tuff Tack Equestrian Rope. This is a polyester double braid rope designed to withstand life on the land without degrading or hardening. This rope has a great feel. Being only 12 mm this is quite a light rope and probably doesn't have quite the feel of the 14 or 16 mm rope. Tuff Tack is made here in Queensland and we do our own splicing. Lead ropes are eye spliced at one end ( and sewn) and at the other back spliced and finished with a leather popper. 


  • POSTAGE IS BASED ON WEIGHT. Uo to 500 grm is $9.20 and up to 3 kg is $15.70. An 8 ft lead rope weighs 320 grm and a 16 foot lead rope is 560 grm. A standard halter weighs around 190 grms.

12 mm ROPE LEADS - Starting at

  • PRICES START AT $30.00 and are updated after you choose from the drop down menu.

    • 8ft                       $30.00
    • 10ft                     $32.50
    • 12ft                     $35.00
    • 14ft                     $37.50
    • 16ft                     $40.00


    • If you would like a different length please contact Virginia for a quote.
    • we can customise your rope colours for bulk orders of 20.

    ianfrancis@skymesh.com.au  of 0741685444



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