22 FOOT MECATE REIN ONLY (SLOBBER STRAPS EXTRA)  IN 12mm or 14mm rope.  Back splice both ends with poppers.  Made with Tuff Tack equestrian rope - this rope is made in Australia and is designed to be dragged through the dirt - it is very a durable and abrasion resistant double braid rope and has a wonderful feel to it. These mecate reins can be attached to a bosal or to a bit with slobber straps.


  • Plain slobber straps are in stock.
  • There may be a wait on the carved and stamped slobber straps of 7 to 10 days - depending on stock. They are made locally.
  • Plain Slobber straps are made locally by Damen Lowrey  (DVL Saddlery) from Harness Leather. Harness leather is high in Natural oils that make it sweat reisitant and durable. . They are 41cm  long and 5.5 cm wide ( 16in by 2 in)
  • Carved and stamped slobber straps are made from Herman Oak Leather and are made locally by Damen Lowrey (DVL Saddlery) . They are tooled on the outer half only. They are 41cm long and 5.5 cm wide ( 16in by 2 in)

22 FOOT MECATE REINS - (slobber straps extra)

ROPE DIAMETER (12mm or 14mm)



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