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14th and 15th DECEMBER 2019

Clinton Anderson and the Downunder Horsemanship Method have helped thousands of horses and riders. Born and raised in Australia Clinton grew up with a love of horses. Although he lived in the city with his family, he looked forward to the weekends he got to spend on his grandparent’s farm where his grandmother would give him rides on her old thoroughbred mare.

When he was 13 Clinton met Gordon McKinlay. It was from Gordon that Clinton learned how to do the groundwork and riding exercises that now make up the basis of the Method. Clinton was 17 when he spent a year working for Ian Francis and he looked to Ian for his ability to get a horse soft and supple and ready to compete at a National level.

At the end of 1997 Clinton made the United States his home and officially launched Downunder Horsemanship and his Downunder Horsemanship Method. The Method is based on mutual respect and understanding between horse and rider, and gives horsemen the knowledge they need to train their horses to be safe, consistent and willing partners. A step by step program, the Method has helped thousands of horses and owners form a safe, enjoyable partnership. From 2019 Clinton has cut down on his tours and clinics to concentrate on training and showing his horses.

Clinton Anderson  and Downunder Horsemanship are recognised as world leaders in the equestrian industry and continue to offer the very best in innovation, inspiration and instruction.  For more about Clinton, The Method and Downunder Horsemanship - click here

Join Clinton Anderson and Ian Francis for a weekend of Innovation, Inspiration and Motivation. Clinton and Ian work with several horses to present the techniques that have made them so successful as educators, trainers and motivators.  There is time for autographs at the end of the day. Don't forget to pick up a program with a lucky a number on your way in for the giveaways. 

Ian Francis is a world renowned horseman. Ian was born in Maryborough Qld. He didn’t come from a family who understood or encouraged his obsession with horses and cattle. As a child Ian would make himself terribly useful to anyone in the district that had livestock, and when he was 11 he rode his first horse at a nearby dairy farm, where he would bring the cows in or take them out to graze. He pretty well learned what he knew about horses as he went along. 

Clinton Anderson
Ian  Francis

Growing up and into his early thirties Ian was a hard worker but had little self confidence and no idea of his abilities as a horseman. It wasn’t until he attended a clinic of John Stanton’s that things were to turn around.  John predicted that Ian would become a great horseman and John was the first person that gave Ian the confidence that he could be. The rest is history.

Ian’s competitive career spanned more than 30 years and his success’s in the show ring  speak for themselves – he has multiple National and State Championships across all AQHA disciplines, he has multiple National and State Championships in Working Cowhorse, Reining and Cutting and has two Cloncurry Stockmans’ Challenge  Cups.

At the end of 2010, Ian finished training and showing horses to begin teaching and to develop another passion – Brangus Cattle.  Ian’s teaching focuses on getting riders to develop their feel and their timing and to understand and think about their control of the horse’s  body parts, and how to put this together so their horse can perform in an efficient and functional way – so the horse can relax without fear, and be soft and supple.  Ian, through his understanding of the horse’s biomechanics, can explain simply and clearly how riders can achieve this.  More on Ian 

Clinton Anderson and Ian Francis

When Clinton was 17, he worked for Ian for a year – and Ian will tell you that he thought Clinton had been inoculated with a gramophone needle, Clinton continuously asked questions. Neither of them probably thought that this year would lead to an enduring friendship beyond Mentor and student. Clinton left Ian’s stables and went on to the United States, Ian kept on training horses. Clinton has written (2007) “I always knew Ian was a great horseman, but in my youthful ignorance, I thought surely in my quest for knowledge I would find a horseman even more talented than Ian. It wasn’t until several years later, with age, experience and travels halfway around the world that I came to realize I would never find anyone better than Ian Francis.”  

The Two Aussie Legends tour at Caboolture QLD – is the only chance to see Clinton and Ian  together to present their techniques that have made them so successful in a friendly, interactive and humorous  way.



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