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138 pages.

Size 14 by 10 cm.

Price includes postage in Australia

A unique compilation of motivational quotes that have kept Ian inspired in the good times and the down times.


This is a quote from Glen Scott who purchased a copy of That Winning Attitude 

"Hi Ian, my mate was on a plane on his way to the gold coast about 10 years ago and happened to sit next to you on the plane, you got chatting and must have noticed he was down and you gave him a book to have and read, �??that winning attitude�?�. He told me it changed his life in the way he thinks and acts, I�??ve had it for a week and I tell you what it really help me with a lot. It�??s like having a dad in my back pocket! I�??ve not long started my own business and this book is amazing. Regards, Glen Scott"


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