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Ian Francis Horsemanship Ian Francis at Clinton Andersons Tampa Walkabout Tour



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Ian Francis Horsemanship Ian Francis at Clinton Andersons Las Vegas Tour

Ian Francis is a Master in horsemanship and horse education. After a competitive career of over 30 years in AQHA events, Working Cowhorse, Reining, Cutting and Stockmans' Challenge ,Ian Francis has been conducting clinics for the past six years to educate people in Horsemanship , Reining and cattle related events like Campdraft .Ian Francis is a legend amongst Australian horseman and is often described as the best horseman in the world. Ian has trained more horses and received more awards in more events than any other horseman this country has ever seen.

Ian Francis Horsemanship Foundation Training DVD

Ian Francis Foundation Training DVD covers the foundation for a newly started horse, or for building a foundation on the older horse. Follow with  Ian Francis' Reining Training DVD , Ian Francis' Stockmans Challenge DVD, Campdraft Fundamentals DVD or Cowhorse Training DVD. Ian Francis' advice on training young horses: “Make the assumption he’ll be nice – make training easy for him- there is plenty of time to find out how hard it is later.” Ian's foundation training is based on getting a horse soft, supple and responsive so that he can be in the correct shape (or form) to perform a manouvre.

Ian Francis Horsemanship at Downunder Horsemanships Ranch Rally

Ian Francis conducts clinics in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Ian covers Horsemanship, Reining, Campdrafting, Reined Cowhorse, Stockmans Challenge , Cattle working and more. The foundation training Ian teaches in  clinics    encourages riders to be aware of their horsemanship, of their feel, timing and balance , and to become educated  about the correct form ( or shape) a horse needs to be in to efficiently perform a manoeuvre, and how to achieve this shape.

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