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Ian Francis Horsemanship Attitude, Ian Francis at Las Vegas


"Anything and everything is possible as long as you have a good attitude, but once you lose that and develop a bad attitude nothing great is going to happen. ... But it's never to late. You can change it because you are in charge....You have to get the attitude before you get the results. It's like sitting in front of the fireplace and saying "Give me heat and then I'll get some wood". You can have all the ability and talent in the world but if you don't have the right attitude you will not get the results you desire. It's just that simple." - Walt Woodard.

People knowing Ian now would not have met the man who battled with low confidence and low self esteem. His book "That Winning Attitude" was born from the quotes he collected over the years and some of them were on his walls at Widgee . The very first quote in the book is an influence on Ian that

To change your life....

you must FIRST change

your attitude.

and the very last quote

"Don't worry about what's ahead.

Just go as far as you can.......

from there you can see a LOT further.


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