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Total Equine Expo

We had a great weekend at the Total Equine Expo at Toowoomba. Such a great group of people to work with, they put in a lot of hard work to make this weekend so successful. Demonstrations from Dan Steers, Tor Van Den Berge, John Lyons , Ken Faulkner to name a few. Ian rode Junior in two demonstrations - the first one was excercises to educate your horse outside the arena and the second one was using the mechanical cow. Ian was also one of the judges on Sunday for the Total Equine Trainer Challenge - which went to Jay Charnock. Ian (and Junioer) are at Southport today and tomorrow for a Horsemanship Clinic as part of an Equine Affair and then off to Toogoolawah for a cattle clinic on the weekend.

Ian, Robert and Virginia at the Expo Stand

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